2010 Awards Ceremony

The Award Ceremony for the SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT Water for All Foundation competition was held on 4 June 2010 in the main hall of the Institut de France, and attended by the Institute’s Chancellor, Mr Gabriel de Broglie, and the CEO of SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT, Jean-Louis Chaussade.

A hundred guests applauded the winner of the Grand Prize, Emmanuel Ngnikam, and Special Prize winner, Camille Dow Baker.

Jean Salençon, President of the French Academy of Sciences, and Mr Ghislain de Marsily, a member of the Academy of Sciences, were also present at the ceremony. In their capacity as administrators of the Foundation, they presented an overview of the 2010 competition and news on the activities of the winner of the 2009 Grand Prize. They also presented the winning projects for 2010, including the films made by the winners.

Gabriel de Broglie and Jean-Louis Chaussade jointly handed over the awards before closing the ceremony amidst enthusiastic applause from the audience.