Selection criteria

Applications are selected according to the following criteria. Projects already subsidised by the Fondation SUEZ cannot win the Award:
  • The project contributes to the improvement or development of water services, sanitation or waste management.

  • The project concerns at least one developing country.

  • The project has already produced conclusive results through one or several significant pilot phases.

  • The project is replicable (generalisation to different contexts, easy implementation, adapted costs, etc.); The project must be free of all rights or at least not subject to restrictive intellectual property rights.

  • The applicant organisation and the team responsible for the project are recognised for their qualifications and experience.

  • The application form complies and is complete in form and content, the answers to the requested information are concise and clear, the presentation is clear etc.

  • The application form must explain and describe the use that will be made of the Award funds in order to improve water services, sanitation or waste management in developing countries.

Selection criteria specific to the Access to Essential Services Award

  • The application is presented by a non-profit organisation (research institute, training institute, association, etc.). It cannot be awarded to one single person.

  • The project is supported or developed locally in collaboration with a public organisation (local authority, decentralised government service, etc.).

Selection criteria specific to the Social Entrepreneurship Award

  • The candidature is presented by a social entrepreneur

  • The project is locally supported or developed in collaboration with local stakeholders
For further details, please see the article 4 of the competition rules.