Social Entrepreneurship Award 2012

The Social Entrepreneurship Award was awarded to Green Bio Energy for its project: “Transforming organic solid waste into high quality charcoal briquettes” in Uganda.

Green Bio Energy Ltd. (GBE Ltd.) is the first social enterprise to manufacture and sell charcoal briquettes in Uganda. This activity allows Green Bio to face three major problems in this country: waste management, mainly from organic waste, which represents more than 80% of the whole solid waste; charcoal price, which has risen regularly; and massive deforestation. GBE Ltd has developed an original response to this threefold economic, environmental and public health-related problem.

The project consists of training the inhabitants of the poor neighborhoods of Kampala in the transformation of organic waste into charcoal dust. This charcoal dust will then be purchased by GBE in order to produce briquettes that can be used as a replacement for traditional wood charcoal. These briquettes are sold up to 40% cheaper than traditional fuel. This project has already allowed the creation of 17 jobs, training and awareness of more than 4.000 people.

In 2018, the coal briquettes’ project developed by Green Bio Energy in Uganda benefited 270,000 people; 2,000 tons of recycled briquettes were sold, which is the equivalent of 1, 880 tons of recycled plastic. In ecological terms, the impact is just as positive: an estimated 1,300,000 trees were saved.

Watch the "Social Entrepreneurship" Award‘s project film