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The subsidiaries and affiliated companies of SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT have their own existence in law and are independent legal personalities, but on this Website the terms SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT or us, are sometimes used to designate all subsidiaries and companies affiliated to SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT or when there is no need to name a company in particular.

1 Use of the Website

SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT hereby grants users a non-exclusive and non-transferable licence to access, download and use this Website for the sole purposes of their personal use.

SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT developed the Website for the personal information of users. It endeavours to the best of its possibilities to ensure that the information distributed on the Website is accurate and up-to-date, and reserves the right to correct the content at any time and entirely at its discretion. However, SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT cannot guarantee the accuracy, exactness, updating or exhaustiveness of information made available on the Website. Each user assumes the risks of the credit it gives to said information.

2 Access to the Website

SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT cannot guarantee that operation of the Website will be uninterrupted.

SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT is bound only by an obligation of best endeavour regarding the operating and continuity of the service. Likewise, it may not be held liable on account of facts attributable to a force majeure event, technical problems and failures relating to the hardware, programmes and software or Internet, that may, where applicable, result in the suspension or stoppage of the service.

3 Type of information

The information distributed on the Website is provided for information only. It cannot under any circumstances be interpreted as an encouragement to invest in any way whatsoever. In this respect, it cannot be interpreted to be direct selling by SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT. Likewise, it does not constitute an offer of subscription, purchase or exchange of shares or other listed or non-listed securities of SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT. It has thus not been checked by the authorised authorities as required for public issue procedures.

Consequently, SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT disclaims any liability :

  • for any inexactness, inaccuracy or omission regarding the information available on the Website;
  • for any damage caused by a hacker that brings about a change in information or items available on the Website;
  • and more generally for any direct or indirect damage, regardless of the reason, the origin, the nature or the consequence thereof, even if SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT were notified of the possibility of such damage, caused on account of access to the Site or the impossibility of having access thereto, use of the Website, including all deterioration or viruses that could infect the computer equipment or any other property of the user and/or credit attributed to any information coming directly or indirectly from the Website.


4 Intellectual property

  • 4.1 - Copyright
    The SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT Website is an intellectual work protected by copyright. The Website and each of its constituent elements such as trademarks, texts, illustrations, logos, corporate names, products, and photographs are the exclusive property of SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT or of its affiliated companies. The reproduction of any documents published on the Website is only authorised for information exclusively for strictly private and personal use
    Apart from the circumstances described above, any other reproduction and/or representation of the Website shall first be authorised in writing by SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT.
  • 4.2 - Personal data
    In accordance with the French Data Protection Act "Loi Informatique et Liberté" of 6 January 1978, the user has a right to access, change, rectify and withdraw his or her personal information.
    It is enough to make a request to this effect :
    By post : SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT, Direction de la Communication, 1 rue d’Astorg 75383 Paris Cedex 08 - France. The Website is not meant to receive confidential information from users. In consequence, and with the exception of the personal data mentioned above, any information, regardless of the form thereof, document, data, diagram, question, suggestion, concept, comment or otherwise that the user discloses on the Website shall not under any circumstances be deemed to be confidential.
    Moreover, the user guarantees that any information, regardless of the form, that he or she may forward to SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT shall not infringe any third party intellectual right or another applicable law. Such information, regardless of the form thereof, shall be deemed to be non confidential. In consequence, by submitting information in this way, regardless of the form thereof, the user assigns to SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT all rights to use, reproduce, distribute, modify or transfer same for the purpose of processing the user’s request.

5 Hyperlinks

SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT formally disclaims any liability for the contents of other websites to which the Website offers links and for the user’s use thereof. Said links are proposed to users of the SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT Website as a service. The decision to activate links is the user’s exclusive responsibility. Moreover, he or she shall be responsible for taking the necessary precautions to avoid any contamination of the Website, in particular, by one or more "viruses."

6 Cookies

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The cookie does not identify the user but is used to record information on his or her browsing of the Website. The settings of the browser software may be used to detect cookies and possibly to refuse them.

7 Governing law

These terms of use of the Website are governed by French law.

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